Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4.5.4 Crack + Serial Key 2023 Free Download

Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4.5.4 Crack + Serial Key (Unlimited Edition) 2023 Free Download

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Crack is a comprehensive and reliable software solution that is worth having when you need to repair startup errors and failures due to virus infection or file corruption, restore your disk files, back up your entire disk drive or partition and reset your Windows password. A free all-in-one data package and Windows / CD / DVD / USB disk recovery tool must be owned by all Windows users.

Every Windows user should get Lazesoft Recovery Suite Key Home Edition, free instant system and data recovery kits, to ensure protection! With a series of easy-to-use utilities on the Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home Edition CD / boot disk, you can recover your data even if files are deleted, formatted partitions, you can repair Windows even if Windows crashes, you can reset your Windows password. if you forget.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Crack + Serial Key Download

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Keygen there are only three steps to recover your data, repair a Windows system or reset a Windows password. It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3. Create a free Lazesoft Suite Recovery CD or USB disk and boot your PC from there to fix most computer problems easily and instantly. Main components of Lazesoft Recovery Suite: Windows system recovery, Fix Windows startup problems Lazesoft Data Recovery.

Data recovery, recover data from deleted, formatted and damaged disks / drives / partitions Lazesoft Recover Passwords. Password recovery for Windows Lazesoft Disk Image and clones – Disk, clone and partition backup manager New feature: Add a partition Move Enhanced recovery of deleted files Windows one-click update upgrade Windows 10 PE to version 1809 Add Windows 10 version 1809 Supports a small improvement in the GUI Minor bug fixes.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Unlimited Edition the first thing you may want to do after installation is to create a recovery CD or a bootable USB drive, as it provides access to the program’s functions, even if you can no longer boot Windows. This is a very easy process and all you have to do is follow the wizard to create bootable media. Once complete, you can use the tools provided directly or boot from the recovery disc whenever necessary.

Some tools, such as Windows Recovery, can only be run in the recovery environment. Windows Recovery can repair Windows if the operating system does not restart again or shows other signs of problems. The program can recover master boot records and partition information, repair boot.ini or BCD data, recover partitions that may have been accidentally deleted and recover damaged registry keys.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Serial Key tools, on the other hand, can be run on Windows or in a recovery environment. This tool scans and displays deleted files for recovery, but it can also recover lost, damaged or deleted partitions and recover files from partitions that were accidentally formatted (as long as the quick format is used).

The disk imaging and cloning tools leave little to be desired. You can use it to back up drive images or to clone disks and partitions. The difference between the two is that the latter will move all selected data partitions or drives to another drive (for example, the hard drive has just been connected).

The Interface:

The interface uses a lot of white space to create an attractive layout that doesn’t look demanding. The main screen has options presented as icons and text instructions to burn a CD / DVD / USB drive, perform Windows Recovery, perform Data Recovery, perform a disk image or cloning process or Recover a password. In the main interface, there is a section header at the top and a long list of features that can be selected in the left sidebar specifically for the features selected on the home page mentioned above.

What is the Lazesoft Recovery Suite?

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is useful when you need to recover data, files or the Windows operating system or when your computer does not start normally. You can fix most computer problems quickly and easily by creating an auto-bootable recovery CD or a Lazesoft USB disk and restarting your computer using it.

What’s New?

  1. Add Move Partition.
  2. Improved recovery of deleted files.
  3. Improved one-click Windows fixes.
  4. Windows 10 PE updated to version 1809.
  5. Adds version 1809 of Windows 10 Support.
  6. Minor GUI improvements.
  7. Small bug fixes.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite Crack + Serial Key

Lazesoft Recovery Suite 4.5.4 Key Feature:

Burn CD / USB disk

This allows you to create a backup CD or USB flash drive that can automatically restart your computer in Windows. This bootable media is useful when a valid Windows installation does not boot correctly so that users cannot access Windows. Using bootable backup media, users can repair or reinstall the original version of Windows stored on a hidden partition on the primary disk.

Windows recovery

This is a Windows recovery module that runs from a bootable CD or USB drive. You may encounter a situation where you cannot boot your system. This can be a result of malware or other unknown causes. Windows recovery is a very reliable tool that has the potential to save your system by reinstalling Windows and losing important files, settings and software. It tries to fix common Windows startup problems, such as damaged boot sectors, MBR, registry and other items on the recovery media.

Data recovery

Using the data recovery guide, you can recover files and folders that were accidentally deleted from disk partitions, memory cards, flash or USB drives and other media. This data recovery tool seeks to recover some or all of the data from the target media. This provides the following options for data recovery:

Quick scan: Quickly scan the desired disk partition and try to recover deleted files.

Deep Scan: Deep Scan first attempts to recover lost or deleted partitions and then searches for deleted files and folders.

Undo deletion: Using this option, you can recover permanently deleted files, such as files that are no longer in the recycle bin or deleted files, using the Shift + Delete command.

Unformatted: trying to recover data from an accidentally formatted partition.

Image and Disk Clone

This is a backup utility from Lazesoft. Disk accidents can result in the loss of important data, so it is always recommended to keep a backup of your important data regularly. This tool acts as a complete disk manager and provides several options for backing up and restoring data on the drive. It also provides basic partition management, formatting and secure disk deletion capabilities. Using this tool, you can create a backup image of your drive that can be used later to restore logical partitions and entire hard drives in the event of a disk failure. Likewise, this also allows you to restore data from a disk image to a logical partition or hard drive.

You can also clone an entire disk to another disk, including Windows, programs, files and personal settings in just a few clicks. This is useful when you plan to increase your storage for new disks. In the same way, this can also be done for hard disk partitions; you can clone data from one partition to another on the same disk. In addition, it has support for VHD (virtual hard disk). You can install, remove, create VHD easily and also install Windows 7/8/10 on the VHD. It also features tools to clone GPT disk backup and recovery, sector editors, backup and recovery boot sector partition tables, repair disk signatures and more.

Password recovery

The password recovery module creates a bootable CD / USB key. By using this feature, you can recover, delete, or reset your Windows login password, if you lose it for any reason. This can be used to retrieve the Windows installation key from an unbootable Windows installation. This key will be required when installing the Windows operating system again. In addition, you can unlock locked user accounts using this tool. Therefore, whenever you forget your password or are unable to enter the system, try using this feature.


Various functions:

When you open this program, you receive a panel that offers several options to choose from. You can burn a backup to CD / USB or complete Windows Recovery, Data Recovery, Image and Disk Clone or Password Recovery.

Lots of help:

Whichever item you choose, the Wizard will open in a new window to guide you through the process. And if you need more help than that, consult the Help file, which offers step-by-step instructions complete with screenshots.


Challenge for novice users:

Even with all the help available, certain aspects of this program can be very overwhelming for novice users. Choosing Disk Image and Clone requires you to make many technical decisions, and there is a lot of information presented at once at each step along the way.

System Requirements:

  • Recordable CD.
  • CD\DVD burner to software image.
  • Working Window computer where You can download the bootable image of¬†Lazesoft.
  • Windows 7\8\8.1\10

Installation Instruction:

  1. The Rumah Lazesoft Recovery Suite has a download size of less than 30 MB.
  2. It has a freeware Home license for non-commercial use and is supported on all newer Windows operating systems.
  3. It is installed quickly in a few steps and there is no adware with it.
  4. This recovery tool is supported exclusively on Windows operating systems.
  5. Although it may not have a very elegant and attractive interface, it is certainly simple.
  6. The home screen displays a clean panel with all modules, along with a short text description about each.
  7. These modules open guides that will guide you through the various steps necessary to complete tasks easily.
  8. No specialized technical knowledge is required to follow these instructions.


Lazesoft Recovery Suite Home is a free and paid Windows boot recovery, disk cloning, partition manager and a useful Windows key recovery package, all in one.

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